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xobni integrates as a sidebar from which the user can search the email accounts
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Xobni is a very useful Microsoft Outlook add-in that enables its users to search for email messages throughout the inbox. It is a much better option than Outlook’s integrated search function since Xobni not only finds emails but also contacts based on any keyword search. Plus it is also capable of searching for file attachments, hyperlinks, and photos and phone numbers.

Xobni integrates as a sidebar from which the user can search and manage the email accounts. Furthermore, Xobni automatically creates profiles for everyone ever contacted and it registers complete contact info, different emails, links and attachments exchanged.

The new version presents many enhancements. Now Xobni integrates with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook, it also posts itself over the navigation pane (only Outlook 2007 -2010). If multiple Outlook windows are open, clicking the "show sidebar" button switches Xobni over to a new window. Another new feature is the ability to grab Twitter profile pictures in addition to public mug shots from social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Max Santillana
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  • Searches by keywords
  • Finds contacts, phone numbers, hyperliks, attachments
  • Creates contact profiles automatically
  • Available for 64bit versions


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